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Cooking With Children; Why Is It Important?

Cooking With Children; Why Is It Important?
March 2, 2018 Stolle UK
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Educating your children on the benefits of different ingredients and how to build those ingredients into something tasty is so important.

Experts suggest that one of the reasons for the high obesity rate in children is down to the lack of education in both children and parents on what it means to eat healthily. Times are changing and our range of cooking classes prove that; they’re always full with children eager to learn new skills!

If you need a bit of persuading on the importance of children’s cooking classes, read some of the positive reasons to kick-start your child’s food education today;

Spending Time Together

For most of us, the first memories we have of cooking are baking cakes with our Grandma or our parents. Sharing and re-creating a family recipe is a lovely way to bond with your children. With the increased pace of life, it’s important to find time to share our love of food with our children at an early age.

It Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

We touched on this earlier in this blog post, but promoting a healthy lifestyle at an early age is key; especially with all the temptation on offer for the young generation. Helping your child develop their food knowledge from shopping to preparation will put them in good stead in later life.

It Can Grow Into A Hobby

Creating a vegetable patch in the garden, attending cooking classes and inventing exciting recipes with your children will help them develop a positive and worthwhile hobby. As well as educating themselves, they can educate their friends in a positive way. Capture their interest whilst they are at their most receptive and allow them to enjoy the excitement of creating a delicious recipe!

Our cooking classes are widely available, but do sell out quickly. If you’re interested in taking part, please call 020 7482 2299 for availability.

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